• Leading and persistent ...

    The company Arazdame Kabir in all procedures themselves as bound to 3 the following article considers

    1. Honest business, maintaining integrity in all transactions and Exchanges As the Holy God in all religions The issue has order.
    2. Miniature insert the word "we" (now + clients) as The most significant principle in all paths Activity
    3. The onus is on the optimal use of all resources to maintain Your consent for us to have confidence that

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  • Concentrated Omega Ω

    Concentrated Omega single-stage efficiency of poultry nutrition science, they are formulated That during the whole growing period with diets offer the ability perfect balance Energy, amino acids, vitamins and minerals requirements are met.
    Concentrated Omega- Arazdame kabir with regard to the problems of poultry meat All parts of the country is designed and developed with a formula coming from all directions can The purpose of poultry meet.

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  • Chick pouring


    More than a billion broiler chickens produced annually across the country to be a part of it Neighboring countries and a large part of the chicken consumed in the domestic production units Becomes meat for which statistics are about one million and seven hundred thousand tonnes per year Iran has made the top 10 manufacturers of meat (in quantitative terms) in the world to come

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About company

Feed processing includes practices that improve utilization of basis feed ingredients by poultry through improved digestion and absorption of nutrients that is of great importance especially during early stages of growing period. Pelleting the starter diet of broilers is one of the most common practices in poultry industry. As a result, the bird will consume a more uniform diet and avoid selecting large particles against smaller feed particle which are mainly composed of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. Since these are crucial nutrients during the first few days of life, using pelleted diet may prevent adverse effects caused by their deficiency and may dramatically promote appetite, growth and feed conversion ratio during early stages of broiler breeding period. The broiler Super-starter (designed for starter period, day 1-7) developed by Araz Dam Kabir group is a well balanced and nutritious product produced from high quality feed ingredients that, once used in the first week of breeding, meets all nutrient requirements of broiler chicks commonly reared in Iran.

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Nutrition and diet formulation principles
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Nutrition and diet formulation principles

Feed processing or curing is applied to increase Exploitation of basic foodstuffs is carried out in poultry diets. These actions Effects on nutrient digestion and absorption in the body created to improve bird. This is especially true at the beginning of the breeding period is very important.

Formulation and production of feed

Including Important processes in the poultry feed, build a super starter Dan in the form of pellets is. Do not use the platform to achieve growth in the mass GI The beginning of the breeding period and consequently, more muscle mass weight Volume and achieve safe and efficient system in breeding broilers The role will be undeniable.

Diseases, therapies

Flu is an acute viral disease of mild to above. And the two forms of the pig family in birds Is.
The low virulence of bird flu is usually mild respiratory symptoms, wheezing, coughing, mouth breathing, nasal discharge, facial edema, hypotension Egg production, diarrhea and more.