Since it supplies most required nutrients and essential micro-nutrients according to suggested formula, the concentrate only needs to be mixed with corn, soybean meal, oil, oyster shell and probably salt. This would reduce the time necessary for feed preparation to minimum and also would decrease the possible mistakes and errors in combination of feed ingredients ultimately leading to more efficient feed preparation. In addition, without concentrate, preparing a uniform diet using vertical mixers in poultry farms is not possible and this lack of uniformity can cause various nutritional problems. 

Net weight of each concentrate package is 25 kg and the recommended usage of 2.5% concentrate is 25 kg and that of 5% concentrate is 50 kg per ton of final feed.   


  1. Lysine, methionine and threonine requirements have been calculated based on standardized ileal digestibility and that of phosphorus has been done based on its availability for broiler chicks and finally applied to diets. This will help farmer to achieve more economic diets.
  2. The salt content of concentrate is low to allow farmers to adjust salt level of the diet according to farm conditions and water supply.
  3. The amount of oil in the diets/concentrates? is adjustable according to farmers demand


Ingredients of the concentrates

Di-calcium phosphate, enriched min-vit supplement, methionine, lysine, threonine, choline chloride, salt, calcium carbonate and corn grain.


Other additives

Phytase enzyme, antioxidant, multi-enzyme, growth promoter and herbal flavor. The concentrate lacks any kind of antibiotic.


Additional comments


  1. With the use of ArazDamKabir concentrates, no mineral and vitamin supplements, di-calcium phosphate and amino acids are needed in the diet.
  2.  Herbal growth promoter has been included in the concentrates to increase the number of useful microorganisms in the gut and to improve absorption of nutrients by the bird.
  3. ArazDamKabir concentrates have especial formula for each strain of broiler chicks. Therefore they will yield the lowest cost and the highest efficiency in broiler production.
  4. Poultry nutrition experts in ArazDamKabir are available (24 h a day, 7 days a week) for the consultation and assistance with diet programming throughout the production period.